Could you beat the Street Jitsu guy on the street? A Drawing Artists Claims To Have Invented Street Jitsu Martial Art

Over the years many interesting accounts have spawned on youtube around the brazilian jiu jitsu theme. Some focus on tech, other on street fighting but the commonality is bjj.

A certain account by the name Street Fighting Tips- Street Jitsu

offers an Udemy course that’s supposed to:

“What Will I Learn?
You will learn the most useful strikes for self defense
You will learn how to handle a fight on the ground and get back to standing
You will learn how to talk your way out of a fight
You will learn how to defend yourself against the most typical street fighters
You will learn anti take down techniques and anti grappling techniques
You will learn how to get out of the worst case situations, like being in a headlock, choked, full mounted, etc”

The author is a certain individual called Neil Fontaine whose fight credentials we couldn’t really confirm. He claims to have been in 200 street fights which gives him the credentials to offer this course

Neil Fontaine also offers writing lessons, drawing lessons and is an all round entrepreneur.

 I am also a Martial Artist that developed Street Jitsu, a practical martial art to defend yourself in street fights. Unfortunately, because of where I grew up, I had to fight a lot. I’ve studied many martial arts like Maui Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jistu, some Kung Fu, etc.

– his udemy bio reads.

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