Jon Fitch On Switching Back To Meat After A Failed Vegan Diet


Jon Fitch On Switching Back To Meat After A Failed Vegan Diet

Veteran MMA fighter Jon Fitch became a vegan in 2011. He joined other high level vegan MMA fighters Jake Shields and the Diaz brothers.

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He became obsessed with the vegan lifestyle and produced many video blogs showing his daily meal plan:

Fitch stated:

I (Jon Fitch) put together this video to show people what an average day of eating is for me. Nutrition from the right foods make up about 90% of our total health. So let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.

He recently answered a question about why he switched back to eating meat.

Fitch talked about how after initially feeling great and full of energy, he started losing too much weight for his liking and the difficulty of preparing the vegan meals. This also coincided with a losing streak in his career and he was getting injured more frequently.

He is only the only known example of a fighter becoming a vegan and then returning to a meat based diet.

Check out the video:

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