Nate Diaz Demands $15 million To fight Tyron Woodley — and UFC Likely Won’t Give It To Him

After the duology with Conor McGregor Nate Diaz won’t go back to fighting for chunk change – but he’s also substantially down from the previously demanded 30$ million which is his pricetag for 3rd Conor bout.

Boxing coach Richard Perez breaks it down for Submission Radio:

“The UFC doesn’t want to give Nathan the money. 15 million. Easy. Cause, I mean, he’s a star right now. McGregor can’t even fight right now, he got suspended. And Woodley’s trying to fight everybody. They’re being too greedy with the money right now, it’s hurting a lot of fighters. They’re gonna probably make, oh gosh, pay-per-view is going to be just out there because they’re curious on what Nathan’s going to do with Woodley. I mean, he’s got the belt. So what? The belt don’t mean nothing anymore. It’s about who you’re fighting (if you want) to make the money. So they’re making big money, they’re pocketing a lot of it. You guys know it too. Oh gosh, it’s ridiculous.”

Meanwhile Woodley who reportedly penned the deal is urging him to say yes to the match:

“I’m fired up about people that tell you ‘Don’t be scared, homie,’ and then they’re scared, homie! That’s what I’m fired up about,” said Woodley.

“[It’s] not a possible fight, [it’s] a 50-percent completed fight. You got one half of the party that’s been offered, that’s accepted, that’s out here with their bag at Wildcard Boxing getting punched by world champions and then you got the other side that’s got a whole bunch of excuses. So that’s what I’m kind of fired up about.”

 “[The problem is that Nate Diaz] is scared. Guys in our sport pump their gums quite a bit and they get you to think that they’re these huge, tough guys, they’re these gangsters, that they’ll fight anybody, anytime. Then when you get in front of a person like me, then the crickets come out. Then they don’t really want to fight. It happened with Bisping, it happened with Georges St-Pierre, it happened with Conor McGregor, it happened with Nick Diaz, big brother, and now it’s happening with baby brother so I guess it’s in the bloodline.”

Originally posted here: BJJ Eastern Europe